The Bogeyville Blogger is an avid collector of fine golf art, memorabilia and artifacts.

A divot off the blade of a five-time Major champion and a cigarette butt off the lips of a U.S. Open contender are among those keepsakes that some sophisticates might not treasure.

Years ago, I snatched up a Phil Mickelson divot on the fifth hole of ESPN’s Par 3 Shootout at Treetops Resort in Gaylord, MI, and hours later presented the patch of grass to a female acquaintance as the ultimate romantic gesture.

She planted the divot in her yard where it flourished and bloomed, while her interest in me died in a shroud of gloom. Since then, your Bogeyville Blogger has refreshed his views on what women think qualifies as romantic. Flowers rank No. 1 on the charts and No. 1 in their hearts. Divots? Not on anyone’s chart-busting Hot 100 acts of romance.

The cigarette butt? Discarded by Taiwan’s T.C. Chen during his final-round crash at the 1985 U.S. Open at Oakland Hills. Chen led the Open by four shots when he played the 457-yard par 4 fifth hole. He took a quadruple bogey 8 there, highlighted by one of the most famous mistakes in U.S. Open history, a double-hit chip shot from the rough near the green.

When Chen tossed his cigarette butt to the ground in disgust, the Bogeyville Blogger swooped over to pick it up. I gifted the butt to a buddy, and it ended up encased in a display of honor at a sports bar in Maryland.

Haven’t heard much from Chen since. I think I saw him in a televised Champions Tour event a few years back. My guess is there have been more sightings of his cigarette butt at that sports bar than T.C. Chen playing golf in recent years.

GolfScript: BTW, Chen rallied from the disaster on No. 5 to finish tied for second at the ‘85 U.S. Open, just one shot behind winner Andy North.



















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