Your Bogeyville Blogger concurs with the outrage vented by LPGA Tour players over the May cover of Golf Digest magazine that features model, actress and non-golfer Paulina Gretzky.

Golf Digest shows no respect for the top women players in the world when it puts Gretzky on the cover of its annual Golfit edition, striking a provocative pose in skintight Capri pants and sports bra, clutching an

They have a legitimate beef over this cheesecake photo, especially in light of the fact that only 11 LPGA Tour players have appeared solo on Golf Digest covers since 1969. The last was Lorena Ochoa in 2008.

And yet here’s Pretty Paulina, grabbing the cover and no doubt grabbing the attention of Golf Digest’s predominantly male audience. The cover headline says “6 Moves to Lower Scores with Paulina Gretzky,” and the inside story shows her demonstrating six exercises that will help golfers improve their scores. I’m thinking most men aren’t thinking about lower scores but just plain scoring with Paulina.

Golf Digest editor in chief Jerry Tarde offers this weak-kneed defense for the May cover:  “Paulina ranks at the high end of the golf celebrity scene today, and she has a compelling story to tell.”

Compelling story? What a bunch of BULLCRAP. Her primary connection to golf is that she’s engaged to PGA Tour player Dustin Johnson, and even Golf Digest admits she’s no fitness fanatic.

Still, she lands the Golf Digest cover. There’s at least a dozen LPGA Tour stars who could have been chosen for the Golfit cover. Unlike
Gretzky, they embrace fitness and know first-hand how it improves their

Just remember this bottom line: 11 LPGA players on Golf Digest covers in the past 45 years. As for Pretty Paulina, may you enjoy a successful career as a fitness poser. But you’re not the right fit for the cover of Golf Digest. Hell, I wonder if you can break 100 playing putt-putt.

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